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Areas of expertise

  • Ageing & Chronic Disease


Sammie completed her BSc in Biomedical Science with a specification in Anatomy from Cardiff University in 2017. Whilst at Cardiff, Sammie became interested in the skeletal system and subsequently completed her research project on the "Morphology and topography of nutrient foramina in bones of the upper limb and their clinical significance". In 2017, she moved on to complete her MSc in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology at Cranfield University, further widening her knowledge of osteology. Sammie has returned to Cranfield to pursue a PhD in the physicochemical changes to osteoarthritic tissue during disease progression. 

Current activities

Sammie is carrying out her PhD research within Cranfield Forensic Insititute, with Cranfield Defence and Security. Her research focuses on the changes that occur to the nano- and microstructure of osteoarthritic tissues during the initiation and progression of the disease.