Contact Sami Abdullah M Alhassan


I have completed my bachelor’s degree from King Saud University. During my undergraduate education, I have taken sound knowledge about estimating construction costs, industry and environment, management of engineering projects, wastewater and water treatment, geotechnical material, reinforced concrete and numerical method. These undergraduate courses have built my foundation and remained useful during my jobs such as Civil engineer at MOE agency of building as well as working as site engineer and quality control at IKK company in Saudi Arabia. These jobs help me to become a well-trained construction engineer who also has in-depth understanding and practical knowledge about surveying and billing estimation using computer applications. These jobs also develop further motivation to advance my knowledge and skills. I have completed various training courses on repair of rein farced concrete structure, international contracts, computer and engineering information sources, structural engineering projects design works, engineering cost estimation program, and engineering success. These training courses have built both theoretical and practical knowledge about construction and helped me to determine what is suitable graduate program for further study.

Research opportunities

In 2018, I have completed my diploma in total quality management and graduate degree in Master of project management in construction at Salford university. During this diploma and master’s degree program I have developed research skills and interest in construction therefore I have completed a research proposal on green construction with the purpose to start my PhD at Cranfield University. Now I am fully involved to learn advance applications and use of green construction as well as how to produce clean energy.  

Current activities

At present, I am fully involved to research how countries and region such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, European Union, and the United States of America formulated laws to promote green building with the purpose to save operational costs and energy resources. On the other hand, my homeland (Saudi Arabia) which is although advancing in construction due to meeting the need of urban living, religious tourism, and increasing population but these construction is far away from sustainability and green construction practices which resulted to harm natural resources and environment. The massive infrastructure changes, increasing urbanization, rapid modernization, and focus of people to move from rural to urban livings have been brought many environmental challenges in Saudi Arabia and my research interests how to handle effectively these challenges.  As I am having experience of Civil and site engineer therefore I believe that advance knowledge and skills about green construction and sustainability practices will prove useful when I will serve as a trained engineer and research scholar in my country (Saudi Arabia). My current activities and focus are all about reading and understanding quality research studies therefore I have found opportunities to learn advance computer applications and construction techniques which are given by the industry leader who having the wealth of both theoretical and practice knowledge.


I have dealt with several clients during my work at MOE agency of building as well as working as site engineer and quality control at IKK. During these jobs, I have successfully completed various responsibilities such prepare report on equipment and material specifications, design drawings and resolving issues related to design, coordinating and collaboration in work schedules, resolving issues of field engineering, evaluating project controls, estimating construction costs, writing of construction progress report, dealing with contractors and suppliers, and using advance technical developments.