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Areas of expertise

  • Advanced Casting Science and Technologies
  • Composites
  • Defence manufacturing
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Explosives and Munitions


Sally graduated from University of Nottingham with BSc (hons) Chemistry  in 1988.  

Work History 
 RARDE/DRA/DERA/QinetiQ Fort Halstead (1989 - 2004)
  • PBX compositions using both novel and commercially available binder systems
  • Novel energetic binder systems
  • Developing highly filled castable PBX composition. 
  • Particle Characterisation techniques. 

Cranfield University (2004 - present.) 

  • Development of Pressable compositions.  
  • Research and development of novel processing techniques. 
  • Project support for in service explosive compositions. 
  • Formulation development to control materials properties of explosive compositions.

Current activities

  • Pressable compositions 
  • Novel energetic binder materials 
  • Processing explosive compounds 
  • High loaded explosive compositions
  • Insensitive munitions 
  • Rheological properties


  • AWE
  • Chemring Energetics
  • Chemring Nobels


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