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Areas of expertise

  • Advanced Casting Science and Technologies
  • Composites
  • Defence manufacturing
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Explosives and Munitions


Sally graduated from University of Nottingham with BSc (hons) Chemistry in 1988.

Work History

RARDE/DRA/DERA/QinetiQ Fort Halstead (1989 - 2004)

PBX compositions using both novel and commercially available binder systems

Novel energetic binder systems

Developing highly filled castable PBX composition.

Particle Characterisation techniques.

Cranfield University (2004 - present.)

Development of Pressable compositions.

Research and development of novel processing techniques.

Project support for in service explosive compositions.

Formulation development to control materials properties of explosive compositions.

Current activities

Pressable compositions

Novel energetic binder materials

Processing explosive compounds

High loaded explosive compositions

Insensitive munitions

Rheological properties



Chemring Energetics

Chemring Nobels


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