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✅ Mr AKPINAR is a researcher at Cranfield University. Also, he got an engineering degree from one of the most known universities in Turkey called Erciyes University, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This undergraduate program has a very competitive national entrance exam. Students with high scores have chances to be placed to The Faculty of Engineering. R&D engineers, software engineers and administrators are a graduate of our Faculty. Mr. AKPINAR`s success is not limited to these courses. Mr. AKPINAR is a graduate of such a distinguished faculty with a high-level success that his undergraduate degree is 2.95. During his university life, he had the opportunity to have a deeper understanding is not only electrics but also electronics. He took many advanced courses such as Electronic Circuits I and II, Power Electronics and Applications, Electromagnetic Fields and Wave Theory, Introduction to Photonics and Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Applications. During these courses, he developed a Home Security System, a Smart Socket with a Switch Guard, a Signal Generator, an Electric Car Smart Management and a Smart Motorcycle Driver using the computer and electronic design techniques.

✅ After receiving his undergraduate degree, Mr. AKPINAR wanted to continue his academic career in the field of artificial intelligence in the United Kingdom and won the postgraduate education scholarship given by the Ministry of Education in Turkey. Afterwards, he started his master's degree in data science with artificial intelligence in computer science at the University of Exeter. During his graduate education, he took many comprehensive modules such as machine learning, computer vision, deep learning etc. He continued his studies on the optimization of wind turbines, one of the renewable energy sources, within the specified power plant area, using the artificial intelligence knowledge he gained from the courses he took as a thesis project. During these studies, topics such as new generation battery technologies, energy storage systems, and battery management systems caught his attention and he decided to continue his academic studies in this direction. 

Current activities

✅ After receiving his master's degree, Mr. AKPINAR was accepted for doctoral education from Cranfield University and is currently working on using artificial intelligence techniques for battery thermal management systems in electric vehicles under the supervision of Dr. Abbas FOTOUHI and Dr. Daniel AUGER