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Areas of expertise

  • Aeronautical Systems
  • Aircraft Design
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Aviation Management & Operations
  • Space Systems


Rodolphe is currently pursuing a Ph.D. program in Aerospace at Cranfield University, focusing on the development of tactical conflict resolution solutions based on artificial intelligence for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) traffic management.

The objective of the research is to propose an AI-based solution for U-Space service providers to effectively resolve conflicts between unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operating within the U-Space airspace, specifically addressing general conflict situations, including conformance volume constraints. The envisioned solution aims to develop an autonomous tool, solver, or system that can independently deconflict UAS, providing a supportive role for Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) or U-Space Service Providers (USSPs). By leveraging artificial intelligence, this solution seeks to enhance the safety and efficiency of UAS operations within the U-Space airspace.

In addition to his Ph.D. studies, Rodolphe works as a research assistant in the Air Traffic Management laboratory. In this role, he actively contributes to various projects aimed at driving the digitalization of aviation and the advancement of Advanced Air Mobility. One notable achievement includes leading the integration of synthetic U-spaces services into an ATM academic simulator for the Air Mobility Urban - Large Experimental Demonstrations (AMU-LED) project firstly conducted in the UK in June 2021.

Current activities

  • Generalisation of a Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning solver for solving general conflict in tactical flight phase conditions.
  • Integration of advanced U-space services into an ATM&UTM simulator.
  • Improvement of this ecosystem.
  • Graph neural network for macro tactical conflict resolution.


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