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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Defence Info Systems
  • Defence Sensors


A graduate from the university of East Anglia. Studied computer science with a focus placed on AI, Computer vision, Embedded systems and machine learning. Developed a SLAM robot for mapping during my final year studies SLAM is a set of algorithms where a robot constructs a map of the local environment, while using this map to deduce its relative pose and location.

Possesses a strong passion for physics and applied computational science. Both using deductive reasoning, the scientific paradigm and abstraction to develop theoretical concepts.

Richard Tristan has a first class honours BSc in computing science.

Current activities

Richard Tristan is a currently a research student for Ground-Based SAR Laboratory (GBSAR Lab). Studying a PhD in radar theory and techniques in relation to Remote Intelligence of Building Interiors (RIBI), with an aim to develop possible novel methods and algorithms.

Currently remote sensing work includes:

3D volumetric radar intensity maps.



Continued development of Lab sensing hardware, large scale and small scale.


Conference Papers