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Areas of expertise

  • Operational Analysis and Simulation


After ten years in local government and a short spell working in the defence industry on waste management issues, Richard moved into academia as an environment in which to focus on his interests and complement his PhD studies.

His previous work and study has focused upon waste, pollution and the environment. His BSc and PGCert are in this area, along with a number of vocational qualifications. He also holds a Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.

Current activities

As a Research Fellow in Global Defence Acquisition, Richard's research areas are wide in scope, including:

Understanding and interpreting the different structures, mechanisms and relationships across the defence industry and the inter-relationships across industries and organisations.

Understanding the role of defence acquisition in its widest context and how it add strategic value.

Investigating the value of history to defence acquisition studies and military technology development.

Identifying the value of the post-disposal elements of the product life-cycle, specifically the role of the military surplus industry.


Specific projects include work for:

Defence Solutions Centre, United Kingdom.

Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom.

Landfill Working Group, International Solid Waste Association, Austria.

MAN (Midlands Assembly Network) Group, United Kingdom.

His main area of commercial support for organisations is market analysis for the defence and security sectors.


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