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Areas of expertise

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Product and Service Design


Rajesh Sekar obtained his Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering in the year 2010 from Anna University Chennai, India. He is a passionate engineer who uses his skills and knowledge to solve engineering problems. Since 2010 he serviced different engineering companies, 

  • he started his career as an engineer trainee in Aeolus Aero Technologies where he supported aero-mechanical laboratory equipment's product development activities. 
  • in association with the Capgemini engineering services team, he supported meshing activities for the airbus external aerodynamics team. 
  • he worked as a team leader in Infosys, Engineering unit product development team, and for different clients, he supported simulation-driven product development activities.  

He is currently doing a Master's by Research in the School of Water, Energy, and Environment and also working as a Research Assistant to optimize Katrick Technologies patented ducted wind blade design using CFD simulations.

Current activities

Rajesh is doing research in “Data driven supervised machine learning approach to predict the multiphase flow behaviour in the serpentine pipe flow”


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