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Areas of expertise

  • Aircraft Design
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Flight Physics
  • Gas Turbines & Propulsion


Raj is a PhD researcher working for Rolls Royce UTC at Cranfield University. Prior to joining the PhD programme, he pursued MSc in Aircraft Design from Cranfield University and Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai. 
Raj was also involved in the UK ATI Flyzero project as part of Cranfield University team and actively contributed to hydrogen and hybrid-electric gas turbine and aircraft performance.

Research opportunities

Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems Design 

Gas Turbine Cycle Design

Aircraft Performance and Mission Optimization

Flight Physics

Current activities

Raj's work is mainly concentrated on developing integrated design and optimization methods to assess hybrid electric aircraft propulsion architectures. The primary focus is on single aisle and regional aircraft design space with a secondary focus on VTOL aircraft design space. Main interests include aircraft and gas turbine performance, sustainable aviation technologies, VTOL UAVs and aircraft design.


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