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Eng. Raed Ahmed Alghamdi is a PhD researcher at Cranfield University and a Lecturer at Albaha University.

He earned an MSc in Thermal Power from Cranfield University. The course is specialised in Power Propulsion and the Environment, and the award date was 12/Feb/2023. He earned a Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering postgraduate certificate from the University of Manchester on 20/Aug/2019. His BSc was awarded on 25/May/2016 from Umm Al-Qura University.

His research interests focus on Thermal Energy, Renewable Energy and energy-efficient systems. His MSc research title was “Simulation of integrated CSP fitted with supercritical CO2 as a working fluid for the use of schools in Saudi Arabia.” His BSc graduation project title was “Simulation of solar power plant using TRNSYS.”

Research opportunities

Thermal Energy, Renewable Energy and energy-efficient systems

Current activities

PhD researcher in cooling of solar systems