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Prior to Cranfield, Professor Matthews was awarded a BSc in Behavioural Sciences (Aston University), MSc in Financial Economics (University of Wales), MBA (Warwick University) and a PhD in Development Economics (Glasgow University). Subsequently, Professor Matthews gained two Research Fellowships from NATO, undertaking field work in the United States. He also won a World Bank Robert S McNamara Fellowship to research for one year at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Nairobi. Additionally, Professor Matthews was a Visiting Researcher at the Hoover Institute of War, Revolution and Peace (Stanford University) and also at Capetown University, the National University of Singapore and the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad.

Current activities

Professor Matthews is presently lecturing Defence Economics on the Cranfield MBA (Defence). He also lectures on the Economics of Security at the Shrivenham Faculty and in Addis Ababa. Professor Matthews lectures defence economics and the management of defence technology in Singapore and international business in Hong Kong.


Professor Matthews is engaged in consultancy work on offset effectiveness for such clients as the UK Ministry of Defence, major European defence manufacturers and foreign offset authorities.



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