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Areas of expertise

  • Conventional & Advanced Fuels
  • Design, Strategy & Innovation
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Fuels
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Structures and Materials
  • Systems Engineering
  • Welding and Laser Processing


Experience Summary


·       Turn-around, Change and Growth leadership, management of companies and P&L

·       Establishing and implementation of business strategies, technology and product plans and company (re)structures

·       Experienced international multicultural company business leader and senior executive

·       Establishing partnering opportunities and developing International Joint Ventures (China, USA, Europe, Canada)


·       Renewables, Energy, Oil and Gas, Marine engineering, with more than $150M of direct funded R&D projects delivered

·       Extensive knowledge of wide ranging engineering disciplines, delivering from R&D through to commercialization

·       Extensive knowledge and experience of leading technical project and service based businesses / departments

·       Extensive experience of management of $100M+ project portfolios and project managers

·       Design and installation of engineering facilities and equipment, and practical (hands on) field experience of installation and repair of complex electro-mechanical equipment

Research opportunities

My research interests span the energy sector, with particular focus on marine energy, energy as a strategic business and energy sector development and challenges.

My particular skills relate to:

- Mechanical engineering - research, design and application

- Systems engineering - research, design and application

- Energy Strategy - development of the energy transition, energy technologies and the global energy mix

- Energy Business - strategic business issues, change management, company structures and re-structures

- Energy Trends - how the global energy sector develops, performs, and can be modelled

- Energy Projects - how they are managed, project managed and implemented

Current activities

Energy technology modelling - ways to model energy costs, including costs of emissions and detriments to the global environment

Emerging economies and their energy infrastructure development, particularly the impact of renewable energy on economies, energy systems, distribution systems and societal development

Innovation in the energy sector and how to optimise structures to support it

Life extension and monitoring of marine energy systems

Application of AI in optimisation of energy micro-grids and conurbations

Practical high temperature fluid applications within nuclear and CSP

Hydrogen (blue and green)



Department of Energy (USA)




ECB Engineering



Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Yang L, Stagonas D & Hart P (2019) Unified one-fluid simulation for floating wave energy converters. In: 6th PRIMaRE Conference 2019, Cardiff, 3-4 July 2019.
  • Prislin I, Hart P, Jiminez J & NG J (2016) How much do Offshore Platforms VIM?. In: 20th Offshore Symposium 2015: Future Offshore Technology and Sustained Reliability, Houston, 17 February 2015.
  • Hart PR & Lurie R (2012) Application of PowerBuoy Wave Energy Converter Technology to Remote Power Requirements in Oil and Gas Field Developments. In: Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, 30 April - 3 May 2012.
  • Edwards K, Eder JE, Hart PR & Montagna DA (2011) Development of Wave Energy Converters at Ocean Power Technologies. In: Ocean Waves Workshop, New Orleans, 17 November 2011.
  • Hart PR, Richardson IM, Billingham J, Nosal P & Nixon JH (2000) Underwater joining to 8.200ft: An alternative to mechanical connectors. In: Deepwater Pipeline & Riser Technology Conference, Houston, 6-9 March 2000.
  • Richardson IM, Nixon JH, Nosal P, Hart P & Billingham J (2000) Hyperbaric GMA Welding to 2,500 m Water Depth. In: ETCE/OMAE 2000 Joint Conference: Energy for the New Millennium, New Orleans, 14-17 February 2000.
  • Hart P, Dicker K, Godwin D, Hann M, Saunders C & O’Dogherty M Considerations for the maintenance of Submarine cables buried 3m in the sea-bed. In: SubOptic 2001, International Conference on Submarine Telecommunications., Kyoto, 20-24 May 2001.