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Conference Papers

  • Yang L, Stagonas D & Hart P (2019) Unified one-fluid simulation for floating wave energy converters. In: 6th PRIMaRE Conference 2019, Cardiff, 3-4 July 2019.
  • Prislin I, Hart P, Jiminez J & NG J (2016) How much do Offshore Platforms VIM?. In: 20th Offshore Symposium 2015: Future Offshore Technology and Sustained Reliability, Houston, 17 February 2015.
  • Hart PR & Lurie R (2012) Application of PowerBuoy Wave Energy Converter Technology to Remote Power Requirements in Oil and Gas Field Developments. In: Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, 30 April - 3 May 2012.
  • Edwards K, Eder JE, Hart PR & Montagna DA (2011) Development of Wave Energy Converters at Ocean Power Technologies. In: Ocean Waves Workshop, New Orleans, 17 November 2011.
  • Hart PR, Richardson IM, Billingham J, Nosal P & Nixon JH (2000) Underwater joining to 8.200ft: An alternative to mechanical connectors. In: Deepwater Pipeline & Riser Technology Conference, Houston, 6-9 March 2000.
  • Richardson IM, Nixon JH, Nosal P, Hart P & Billingham J (2000) Hyperbaric GMA Welding to 2,500 m Water Depth. In: ETCE/OMAE 2000 Joint Conference: Energy for the New Millennium, New Orleans, 14-17 February 2000.
  • Hart P, Dicker K, Godwin D, Hann M, Saunders C & O’Dogherty M Considerations for the maintenance of Submarine cables buried 3m in the sea-bed. In: SubOptic 2001, International Conference on Submarine Telecommunications., Kyoto, 20-24 May 2001.