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After studying Botany at Oxford, I started off mainly in plant biogeography and plant ecosystem processes, doing my PhD at University Aix-Marseille II (France) on the global carbon cycle. Briefly I was a biological anthropologist, before I got fascinated by into plant-insect interactions and then (the last 8 years) environmental DNA. I've held academic positions at University of Adelaide (Australia), Rutgers University (USA) and Seoul National University (South Korea), before returning to the UK after my very long journey around the world. 

Current activities

I'm fascinated by the things we can find out from all the microbial DNA in the environment around us, such as in soils, seawater and on the surfaces of plants. This reveals a hidden diversity and ecology, that was until a few years ago almost completely unknown. I like to try to apply the principles of classical ecology, based on large organisms, to this microbial world that we are just now discovering. 


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