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BSc Hons in Applied Biology, University of Bath 1969. He joined the Water Research Centre in 1979 and carried out research on pollutants in drinking water and the environment. He also established a Water Industry Advisory Service for contaminants and became chief scientist of WRC NSF National Centre for Environmental Toxicology. He became closely involved with the WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality and has been a member of the expert committee since 1988. He became an independent consultant in 2003 acting as an advisor to governments and water suppliers around the world as well as continuing his research interests. He has remained closely involved with WHO on water quality, drinking water standards and water safety plans. He became a visiting professor at Cranfield Institute of Water in 2011 and continues to work on a variety of research projects at Cranfield as well as the WHO Guidelines. 

Current activities

Lectures on the basis of drinking water standards and on water and sanitation safety plans along with lectures on chemical contaminants and their significance. He is an active participant in research projects on chemical and microbiological contaminants in drinking water and also on projects to advise policy decisions. He is Chair of the UK Drinking Water Network.


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