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Professor Gary Leeke is Chair in Chemical Engineering and Head of the Bioenergy and Resource Management Centre. His research is largely focused on recycling enabling technologies, energy production and energy reduction through the design and development of robust resilient processes that lead to new and improved products. He has expertise in high pressure engineering and thermo-chemical processing, specifically in supercritical fluid technology and has addressed a number of engineering issues in reaction engineering, separation technology, flow reactors, and their applications to polymer/composite processing and remanufacture, organic waste processing, oil upgrading, industrial biotechnology and the circular economy. Gary sits on the Composites Leadership Forum Sustainability Working Group for Composites UK and is an editorial board member for Renewable Energy.

Gary received his PhD under the direction of the late Michael King from the University of Birmingham in 2000. His PhD research focused on high pressure phase equilibria and mass transfer. After his PhD he took up a post-doctoral post researcher and then spent a spell in industry where he executed R&D for the oil, gas and water industries. He then returned to Birmingham to undertake further post-doctoral research and was awarded a lectureship in March 2006, progressing to Reader in Low Carbon Technologies in 2013. He moved to Cranfield University in April 2016 to take up his current post.

Current activities

Composite Recycling and Re-Manufacture - The EXHUME project

Supercritical Fluid Technology

  • Particle Formation
  • Gasification
  • Reactions
  • Polymer Processing

High Pressure Phase Behaviour

Separation Science

Advanced Thermal Technologies

  1. Pyrolysis

  • biomass and plastics including mixed plastic waste

  • product upgrading

2.   Gasification

  • steam and supercritical water

  • waste and polymers

Dairy Processing




Current and previous clients include research councils, overseas governments and industrial sponsors/partners including:

  • EPSRC,
  • AWM,
  • Innovate UK,
  • European Commission,
  • Malaysian Government,
  • Mexican Government,
  • Kuwaiti Government,
  • Brazilian Government,
  • Recycling Technologies,
  • Sere-Tech Ltd,
  • GLW-Feeds,
  • Arla,
  • GSK,
  • Johnson Matthey and Omniform.


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