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Areas of expertise

  • Autonomous Systems


Pragadeesh Raja received his Bachelor of Technology in Aerospace Engineering from Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology, India in 2018. He worked as a Research Assistant in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science(IISc) for about a year in the field of Drone Computation. He went to pursue his Master of Science in Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control from Cranfield University. During his MSc he worked on a Group Design Project which involved forming a swarm of drones performing autonomous package delivery sponsored by BAE systems. His Individual Research Project was focused on collaborative platform between a UAV and ground vehicle.

Current activities

He is currently working on "AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS OPERATION TO FACILITATE INSPECTION APPLICATIONS IN CONFINED SPACES". There is an increasing trend considering solutions towards autonomous systems for inspection applications, many looking at the use of drones for aerial inspection/monitoring, inspection of aerospace structures, bridges, etc. There is also an in increasing interest on the use of autonomous systems for inspection in constrained or confined environments (such as rail depots). This work looks at the use of teaming platforms for inspection in confined spaces with inspection technology insights. However, the application shifts towards inspection application in confined spaces (such as a rail depot). The wider transportation sector explores an increasing number of inspection applications using autonomous systems (much emphasis is placed on drones, but also include other - ground related- robotic platforms, and/or collaborative platforms). 


Conference Papers