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Polly Grundy obtained her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol in 2000. She then went on to study Forensic Science (MSc, Kings College, London, 2001) before starting on a career as an analytical chemist. Initially this focused on forensics with the analysis of trace levels of illegal drugs in everyday items. From 2004 her focus moved towards environmental analytical chemistry, working on the analysis of samples such as water. soil and plants for trace levels of pollutants and harmful chemicals using chromatography and mass spectrometry based techniques.

Current activities

Since October 2021 Polly has been working on a PhD at Cranfield University at the Water Science Institute. This project is part of the Water Infrastructure and Resilience (WIRe) Centre for Doctoral Training.

Her area of research is the formation and control of disinfection by-products in drinking water. She intends to enhance understanding of how brominated disinfection by-products are formed and thereby investigate the options for their reduction in drinking water supplies.


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