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Pinelopi completed her BSc in Environmental Studies from the American College of Greece (ACG). While at ACG she also completed a minor in Biology and studied abroad at the University of Utah undertaking modules in chemistry and biology. She moved on to complete her MSc in Environmental Science: Chemistry, Toxicology, and Health at the University of Copenhagen, with a year long training on Environmental Analytical Chemistry and four month research period and thesis on method development and optimization of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography for the screening of micropollutants in wastewater. Pinelopi is now pursuing a PhD in Water at Cranfield for modelling the fate of micropollutants in wastewater. 

Research opportunities

Pinelopi's project aims to create a model that will comprise resilience, regulation and sustainability in the UK for the fate of micropollutants during wastewater treatment. She is an aligned student of WIRe: Water Infrastracutre and Resilience Center for Doctoral Training.