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Petros Boutselis joined Cranfield University's Centre for Defence Acquisition in October 2013 after a 24 year career in the Hellenic Navy of Greece. Most of his operational appointments at sea were on submarines where he served as an Executive and Commanding Officer. He gained first-hand experience in:

  • resource management
  • cooperation with business contractors
  • repair prioritisation
  • decision making under pressure.

He successfully managed his submarine’s full overhaul and new systems installation project.

In 2006 Petros graduated from Cranfield University with an MSc degree in Military Operational Research and was awarded the Dstl prize for his performance. Consequently he was assigned to full-time and part-time Operational Planning and Information Analysis posts within the Hellenic Navy. He conducted, amongst others, projects in:

  • operational transport optimisation and planning
  • force mix
  • tactics evaluation.

He then developed a Lessons Learned system for the operational exploitation of tactical observations.

In 2011 Petros obtained his Staff Officers’ degree from the Hellenic Joint Supreme War College. He also volunteered in one of the ATHENA’11 Crisis Management International Conference workshops facilitating the development of future scenarios to assist in forming mitigation policies against global warming effects in Thermaikos Bay.

After graduation he was appointed as Assistant Director of the Hellenic Navy’s Career Related Education Management and led the development of a reform project to manage both reduction in total cost and improvement in effectiveness of courses. In 2012 he was appointed as a Naval Cadet Officers' supervisor in the Hellenic Naval Academy where he also taught Operational Research.

Current activities

Petros Boutselis is a Lecturer in Cranfield University's Centre for Defence Acquisition.

Petros leads the Supply Networks Analysis and Modelling module of the Defence Acquisition Management and Through Life Support MSc degrees. He also teaches inventory and supply network modelling in the MSc module Efficient and Effective Through Life Support and on the Logistics Support Management short courses.
His research interests are in: 
  • the use of artificial neural networks and statistical models as metamodels of computer simulations
  • application of Bayesian belief networks in modelling demand within logistics models.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Boutselis P & McNaught K (2014) Finite-time horizon logistics decision making/Newsvendor’s problems: consideration of a wider set of factors. In: Innovative Methods in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Hamburg.