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Pete graduated with a BA (2:1) in Public Policy and Management in 2000 from Ulster University. In 2014 he completed his MSc degree in Forensic Ballistics from Cranfield University, with the thesis focusing on the development of enhanced ballistic armour systems. Pete's main areas of interest are terminal ballistics (armour, wound ballistics, and intermediate barriers), and small arms ammunition (design, characteristics, and performance). Pete is currently studying towards his PhD at Cranfield University, with his research based on the terminal ballistics of small arms ammunition, specifically relating to the impact of glass intermediate barriers, and residual performance of the bullet.

Current activities

Through the Cranfield Forensic Institute, Pete's research is examining the dynamics involved where bullets impact laminated glass in vehicles as an intermediate barrier. It also explores the potential to exploit Close Range 3-D Photogrammetry techniques with a view to facilitating a mobile field device to characterise bullet impact sites at crime scenes