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Nurul Hamizah is currently an active researcher at Cranfield University, United Kingdom. On her journey of completing her PhD study, she actively to also shared her knowledge with MSc students in Internet of Things (IoT) lectures and co-supervised in group and individual projects. She holds a master's degree in manufacturing systems engineering from Universiti Putra Malaysia, UPM, and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours (Design & Innovation) from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). Prior in joining Cranfield University, Nurul Hamizah showed a keen interest in the education line where she has more than 5 years of experience in teaching and coaching. He has also been involved in educational and quality management. Before that, she was trained as a management trainee in a government-linked company and learned a lot about management, administration, and operation. She also joined a consultancy company in Mechanical and Electrical previously as an M&E Engineer. She is a member of the Institution of Engineers and Technology, United Kingdom, registered under the Board of Engineers Malaysia and Institution of Engineers Malaysia.

Current activities

Utilization of the Internet of Things concepts to improve the efficiency of product services management (Medical Waste Management)

The research focus is to propose a framework for adopting the concept of the Internet of Things in product service management and narrow to Medical Waste Management. Medical waste can be infectious and also the source of virus spread. Until today, medical waste is disposed of by either landfilling or incineration process. The generation of medical waste is increasing and WHO has come up with advice on the best way to handle them safely. However, this advice has not been practiced well enough in some countries as waste management can be an expensive but not commercial industry. Thus, this research looks at the best way to monitor medical waste management objectively to have the same direction as in the Sustainability goal.


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