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Areas of expertise

  • Manufacturing Systems


Nsima Nseobong Asuquo is currently a part time PhD researcher in Manufacturing at the Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre Cranfield University UK started on the 8th of June 2020, awarded a BEng (Hons) in Industrial/Production Engineering Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka 2012/2013 and MSc in Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems Cranfield University 2015/2016.

Currently working as a site manager specialized in process improvement, continuous improvement and manufacturing sustainability with over 5 years previous working experience as a process engineer in a foam manufacturing company.

Current activities

My current research is looking at remanufacturing strategies and simulation. Circular Economy is at the forefront of current global discussions. Remanufacturing is proposed as one of the key ways in closing the loop, contributing to the Circular Economy shift by retaining the value of the products within the system, through the extension of their useful life. 

In the present study, simulation techniques will be assessed for reviewing and analysing remanufacturing strategies. While simulation modelling have a limitation in their ability to enable real-time business decisions in environments of complexity due to costs and time required to build these models, remanufacturing operations in particular will benefit from simulation modelling. For example, remanufacturing is characterised by uncertain nature of product returns (described as 'cores'). Simulation modelling can be used to support the understanding of different methods of return from a real-time scenario context. This complexity is further expected as manufacturing becomes more digitalised.