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Areas of expertise

  • Flight Physics
  • Space Systems


After completing his BSc in Aerospace Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin with a thesis on a fluid-dynamic study on propellers for UAVs suitable for Martian flights, Nicolo' completed his studies with the MSc in Aerospace Engineering always in Turin, specializing in space missions and systems and fluid-dynamics. His thesis project on the optimization of transfer orbits for spacecraft in the Low Earth Orbit affected by the J2 perturbation gave him the chance to deepen aspects related to astrodynamics and space trajectories.

After a brief experience in the acoustics field, given his interest in orbital dynamics he joined Cranfield to pursue a PhD in Aerospace on asteroids dynamics.

Current activities

He is currently a PhD student in Aerospace based in the SATM department of Cranfield University. His project is on the study of the motion of the solar system asteroids, with particular interest on events such as collisions and close encounters, analysed under a dynamical point of view.


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