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Ndidiamaka Adiuku completed her BSc in Chemical Engineering from Enugu state university of science and technology in 2003, after which she built her career in Information technology. She obtained her MSc in Software Engineering from the Kingston University London in 2011 and now a Researcher in Cranfield University. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in the Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) center working on data analytics for industry 4.0 and autonomous systems in manufacturing.

Amaka has worked as a database administrator, web developer and IT manager, in many organizations where she oversees operations of global enterprise solutions, platforms, and technologies drive automation and integrations through cross-platforms, deliver key data infrastructure projects and improve data processing pipelines for real-time/agile data delivery.

Her current research interests involve big data analytics, deep learning, industry 4.0, and autonomous system in the manufacturing sector.

Current activities

Amaka is currently working on the application of Industry 4.0 and AI models in the evolution of Autonomous systems for smart factories.