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Areas of expertise

  • Air Transport Safety & Investigation
  • Ergonomics, Human Factors, Driver Safety
  • Human Factors



H R Mohandas started his career in the Republic of Singapore Air Force in the Air Force Inspectorate Division. On completion on his tour in the air force he studied in the National University of Singapore where he graduated with the Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Sciences.  

Upon graduation he joined the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) where he worked in the Airport Management Division for four and a half years.   He left the CAAS for a career as a commercial pilot and thereafter a pilot instructor in Singapore. As an instructor, Mohandas has taught aircraft engineers, pilots and flight dispatchers for airliners in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Africa. He specialized in teaching Aviation Human Factors and was sought after my many organizations to conduct Human factors related courses and seminars.

In 2005 he graduated with a Masters in Aerospace Design, Manufacture and Management with the University of Bristol.

In 2006 he joined Republic Polytechnic (RP) as a lecturer and started the Diploma in Aerospace Avionics, Diploma in Aviation Management and the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering. He was made a Programme Chair for the Diploma in Aviation Management and the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering..  He currently holds the post of Assistant Director for Capability and Industry. In his current position he is responsible for industry collaboration for the School of Engineering and capability development for lecturers within the school. He is also responsible for getting R&D projects in engineering for the Polytechnic. 

Research opportunities

  • Human factors training in aviation.
  • Human factors in aircraft accident investigation
  • Reducing human errors in flight operations
  • Reducing human error in aviation maintenance
  • Human factors and Aviation safety