Areas of expertise

  • Manufacturing of Functional Materials
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Welding and Laser Processing


Mete Demirorer currently does research since 2018 in the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre (WELPC), Cranfield University after completing his M.Sc. studies in Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick and B.Sc. in Yıldız Technical University. His research is related to Manufacturing Engineering, Welding Engineering and Automotive Engineering. His current project is 'Development of innovative laser welding process for high strength aluminium structural alloys'.

As sustainability has been becoming primary concern nowadays, elimination of the deficiencies plays critic role in the automotive industry. Hence, lightweighting can be the best solution for the issues of fuel efficiency, consuming the sources efficiently and the reduction of the different types of emissions, which are related to the 2020 targets of United Kingdom. However, it should not be forgotten that implementing light metals in the automotive sector, such as using aluminium body-in-white without riveting, brings many shortcomings like unweldability or hardness & strength drop in HAZ (heat-affected zone) of welded structure. Therefore, his PhD topic is about overcoming these negative consequences while figuring out a novel design for laser welding of high strength aluminium structural alloys.

During this project, Mete Demirorer will make some laser welding experiments to obtain real data and use them in some FE analysis to run thermal FE simulations for obtaining effective results from various scenarios in which different parameters, inputs, configurations and set-ups will be used. At the next step, Mete Demirorer will combine microstructural changings with thermal maps to obtain predictions about the desired mechanical properties of initial alloys and then, he will create a novel design for this process in the light of these information.

Current activities

New applications for laser processing

Designing FE models for laser welding

Generating novel design for aluminium welding


Conference Papers