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A regular officer in the Royal Logistic Corps, Matt began his academic career with a BSc in Physical Geography from the University of Sheffield in 2002.  Joining the RAF as a Supply Officer, he undertook a distance learning BSc with the University of Lincoln, finishing in 2010.  Transferring to the British Army in 2011, he completed a full time MSc in Information Capability Management with Cranfield University in 2015 to enable a technical posting managing military information systems.  Subsequently commanding a Tank Transporter Squadron, daily climate concerns on the news and aspirations of the millennial soldiers contrasted markedly with the carbon footprint of my Tank Transporters, triggering the genesis of a research PhD investigating the link between carbon limitations and military operation effectiveness.


Current activities

Matt is carrying out a PhD research within Cranfield School of Water, Energy and Environment. His PhD research focuses on how the statutory requirement for the MOD to make Net Zero 2050 carbon emission reductions will impact operational effectiveness.