Areas of expertise

  • Agrifood Systems
  • Food Quality
  • Food Safety


Marta Sanzo-Miró graduated from Universitat de Lleida (UDL, Spain) as Food Scientist and Technologist in 2018. Her undergrad dissertation was conducted in IRTA - Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology where Marta optimised postharvest cold storage conditions for nectarines. Afterwards, she studied a double MSc degree: MSc in Management and Innovation in the Food Industry (UDL) and MSc in Food Systems in Management (Cranfield University), supported by an Erasmus scholarship. At Cranfield, Marta investigated the mechanisms behind ethylene-induced dormancy delay in onion bulbs. She has experience in postharvest treatments (e.g., cold storage, ethylene supplementation), postharvest physiology evaluation (e.g. real-time respiration) and biochemical analysis (e.g. non-structural carbohydrates). Her knowledge covers fundamental biology of fresh produce and its industrial application.

Current activities

Marta is a PhD student in the Plant Science Laboratory at Cranfield University conducting a project sponsored by Albert Bartlett, main supplier of pre-pack fresh potatoes in the UK. She is studying pre- and postharvest factors affecting the soil-borne pathogen Colletotrichum coccodes, which causes black dot disease on potatoes. This project aims to create a model to predict the presence of black dot in the supply chain using transformative phenotyping and machine learning. The outcomes will make the UK potato industry more resilient, helping to achieve United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, which aims to reduce food loss and waste by 50% by 2030. 


Albert Bartlett


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