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Areas of expertise

  • Applied Informatics


Mariam completed a BSc in Biomedical science and an MSc in Clinical Microbiology with a focus on bacterial resistance and antibiotic stewardship.

After carrying out several posts in medical laboratories and pharmaceuticals, Mariam joined Cranfield University as an MSc student in Applied Bioinformatics where she gained computational skills necessary to analyse genomic and genetic data. Her thesis involved a bioinformatics approach to analyse the vanilla transcriptome and investigate the impact of ethylene on the aroma and flavour compounds biosynthesis.

Mariam is a PhD student at the Bioinformatics Group led by Dr Fady Mohareb at Cranfield University. Her current research project is focused on evaluating the epigenetic and transcriptomic adaptations to climate change in oilseed rape (Brassica napus)

Current activities

Mariam's PhD project is part of the FoodBioSystems Doctoral Training Partnership and in collaboration with the University of Reading. The aim of the project is to provide a systems-level molecular and metabolic understanding of the impact of heat stress on yield and seed development of B. napus for UK-specific varieties.


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