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Areas of expertise

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics


Luca Boscagli got a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Pisa in Aerospace Engineering and a full marks MSc degree at the Polytechnic of Milan in Aeronautical Engineering with a specialisation in Aerodynamics. As part of his MSc thesis Luca statistically analysed by means of Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) the behaviour of intermittent turbulence in a channel flow of intentionally reduced computational size. 

In 2018 Luca joined Baker Hughes (a GE Company) in Florence for a 6 months technical internship within the R&D department. As part of the internship, Luca developed experience in the analysis of the on and off-design performance of multi-stage axial compressors for aero-derivative and heavy-duty gas turbine applications. 

In September 2018 Luca joined Cranfield University as a PhD candidate within the Installation team of the Rolls-Royce UTC. As a PhD student Luca developed experience in the design and analysis of aero-engine short intakes for future large Ultra-Fan configurations. In May 2021, Luca became Research Fellow in Propulsion Aerodynamics while still pursuing his PhD in part-time mode. Luca is currently involved in a Clean-Sky 2 project (Off-Design Installed Nacelles, ODIN) which aims at the development of guidelines and CFD methods validation for robust design of compact nacelle.

Current activities

Design and analysis of aero-engine short intake. Unsteady fan-intake coupled interaction and implications on intake design.

Separation onset and characteristics of compact aero-engine nacelles under windmilling conditions. Development of a canonical test case for CFD methods validation for robust nacelle design.


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