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Areas of expertise

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics


Luca is a post-doctoral researcher at Cranfield University within the Aerospace Propulsion department. His research focuses on applied aerodynamics with an emphasis on unsteady flows. Luca is currently involved in a Clean-Sky 2 project (Off-Design Installed Nacelles, ODIN) which aims at the development of guidelines and CFD methods validation for robust design of compact nacelle.

In 2014, Luca Boscagli got a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Pisa in Aerospace Engineering and, in 2017, an MSc degree at the Polytechnic of Milan in Aeronautical Engineering. As part of his MSc thesis Luca statistically analysed by means of Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) the behaviour of intermittent turbulence in a channel flow of intentionally reduced computational size.

In 2018, Luca joined Baker Hughes in Florence for a 6 months technical internship within the R&D department. As part of the internship, Luca developed experience in the analysis of the on and off-design performance of multi-stage axial compressors for aero-derivative and heavy-duty gas turbine applications.

In January 2023, Luca was awarded a PhD in Propulsion Aerodynamics from Cranfield University. As a PhD student Luca developed experience and new knowledge in the design and analysis of aero-engine short intakes for future large Ultra-Fan configurations.

Current activities

Design and analysis of aero-engine short intake. Unsteady fan-intake coupled interaction and implications on intake design.

Separation onset and characteristics of compact aero-engine nacelles under windmilling conditions. Development of a canonical test case for CFD methods validation for robust nacelle design.


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