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I graduated in 2017 with an MEng in Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Bath. After graduating I gained practical experience as a Graduate Electronics Engineer at Dyson within the software department where I helped with facilitating the software design process. In 2020 I attended Cranfield to study an MSc in Forensic Explosive and Explosion Investigation. During this time, I completed my individual thesis which was titled "How Do Blast Waves Interact with Realistically Shaped Human Head Surrogates?”

Current activities

I am currently carrying out my PhD research with the Cranfield Forensic Institute, within Cranfield Defence and Security. My research focuses on developing modular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) systems to help with the clearance of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) by Humanitarian Organisations. This is to help combat the threat posed by the noticeable increase in explosive charges that are being encountered in IEDs.