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Areas of expertise

  • Air Transport Safety & Investigation
  • Airworthiness
  • Safety, Resilience, Risk & Reliability


Jon is an experienced, Chartered, Systems Safety Engineer working across multiple domains, having a varied background from Industry, MoD and as a Regulator. Jon has a successful track record of delivering bespoke and complex engineering solutions, both independently and as a team member. Jon is experienced in system safety, design certification and safety assurance.

Holding an MSc in Military Aerospace & Airworthiness as well as a BEng Engineering, Jon chose the topic of 'A Natural Language Processing Toolkit for Improving Hazard Identification of Air Systems' for his PhD research. This involves the exploration of multiple NLP methods applied to safety related data (primarily occurrence reports), developing novel solutions for improving hazard identification/safety assessment processes.

Current activities

  • Applying NLP to aviation safety occurrence (incident) reports.
  • Improving knowledge retention.
  • Effective information retrieval.
  • New ways of working, incorporating NLP technologies.


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