Joel graduated from the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) in 2020, having previously completed an MA at the Porter School of Environmental Studies. During his MSc, Joel specialised in energy transitions and climate change, writing his thesis on the European offshore wind power transition. He also worked as a research assistant within the Central European University's (CEU) Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), undertaking research on the geopolitics of natural gas and nuclear power in Europe. Joel is now pursuing his PhD at Cranfield University's Centre for Energy Systems and Strategy (CESS).

Current activities

Joel's research is focussed on investigating the decarbonisation of gas networks via the use of hydrogen to develop roll out strategies that are socially acceptable and fair to support the UK's meeting of Climate Change Act goals. This involves analysing past and ongoing national energy transitions, communicating with stakeholders and assessing the underlying factors which determine the acceptance of a transition to hydrogen homes.


Joel's research is sponsored by EPSRC through the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) scheme and industrial partners Cadent Gas Ltd and the Committee on Climate Change.


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