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Areas of expertise

  • Air Transport Safety & Investigation
  • Airworthiness


Jeremy Turner recently joined the Cranfield staff after 35 years as a RAF Aerosystems Engineer. He has gained experience having fulfilled many diverse roles in the UK and overseas, supporting fast jet front-line operations, UK based projects and high-profile multi-national projects.

Jeremy undertook a period of study to achieve an MSc in Air Vehicle Design (Avionics) at Cranfield University before taking up a role with the Military Aviation Authority as the Certification Desk Officer covering avionic systems.

He was also a member of the Cranfield Safety and Accident Investigation cohort in 2016 gaining a PG Cert in Safety and Accident Investigation (Air Transport) before joining the Defence Accident Investigation Branch. He fulfilled the role of Air Senior Engineer and undertook a number of high profile and sensitive accident investigations within the UK and overseas operational theatres.

As an RAF Engineering officer all his professional training was delivered with a clear emphasis on understanding technical systems and work processes. Integral to all the training has been the importance of accountability, governance, quality and safety. These general principles have been learnt, applied, and enhanced consistently throughout his career. He hopes to share his understanding of these core values with Cranfield staff and students.

Jeremy has delivered lectures to the UK based Defence Aviation Safety Investigation Forum and the military forum of International Society of Air Safety Investigators.

He joined the CSAIC team having just completed his last military posting.

Current activities

Although new to academia Jeremy Turner has previously presented lectures in support of the Military Aviation Authority's Airworthiness of Military Aircraft Course and is now the deputy course lead.
He is looking forward to learning and sharing as we all aim to exploit knowledge and enhance our performance.
Jeremy is a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET) and is currently working towards a PgCert in Academic Practices with Cranfield University.