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Jay Jayabal is an enthusiastic researcher who is now working on hydrogen fuel cells. In light of climate change and other environmental crises, it looks that sustainable energy will reign the world in the next years. As a matter of fact, moving toward a greener option for vehicle mobility is often persuading. The current research contributes to the creation of a new geometry in the bipolar plates of fuel cells, which generates the greatest efficiency than earlier approaches.

Current activities

Inspected on hydrogen fuel cell research led by supervisor, developing a novel shape in the bipolar plate of a proton-exchange membrane fuel cell .The triumph of research could indeed increase overall operating efficiency of system, setting the stage for its application in the real world . Dissertation on bipolar plate of proton exchange membrane fuel cells by modelling and enduring simulation with new types of geometry, assisting in the development of the system's efficiency and effectiveness .The study, made in collaboration with Cranfield School of Water, Energy, and Environment, assists in mending the environment with an eco-friendly approach by creating cleaner energy systems.


  • Cranfield university