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Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Jae hun was a hydropower engineer until 2020, understanding demands in clean water supply, energy crisis and the environmental impacts. His interests in solving water management issues and learning the latest knowledges in the water sector led to study in the UK and enrolled in an MSc in Environmental Water Management at Cranfield in 2016. With some more working experiences in the hydropower sector thereafter, studying the circumstantial evidence of climate change on rivers, his interest grew on impacts on climate change on hydrological environment.

Current activities

Jae Hun is studying for a PhD in Fluvial suspended sediment dynamics in a changing climate. The continental scale (U.S.) study is identifying statistically significant factors in catchment characteristics in hydrological environment, providing guidance on governance, management and engineering of fluvial sediment transport. Objectives are to characterize the SS transport dynamics in a continental scale. Then subsequently followed by identifying process-based evidence that affected suspended sediment dynamics and non stationary periodic changes between climate oscillations, precipitation and suspended sediment dynamics close to rainfall impacts. Having this opportunity to delve into the water environment associated with climate change, he continues to improve understanding and modelling of impact of climate change on the quantity and quality of rivers.


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