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Ike Azuazu completed his B-Tech in Agricultural/Environmental Engineering from Rivers State University Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He moved on to complete his M-Tech in Environmental Engineering with a two years research on Soil Quality Index of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils in the Niger Delta region. Ike is currently researching on enhancing the natural attenuation process for hydrocarbon contaminated soil using combination of low carbon available materials at Cranfield University. Ike's interests include: Sampling, Risk-based contaminated land assessment, Remediation, Post cleanup inspection, Post remediation certification monitoring,  and Post Social Impact Assessment and Damage Control.

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Ike is carrying out his PhD research with Cranfield University Environment in the school of Water, Energy and Environment. His PhD research focuses on Enhancing the Natural attenuation process using a combination of low carbon bioengineered technologies for petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils.


Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)


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