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Areas of expertise

  • Biomass and Waste
  • Waste Management and Resource Efficiency


I obtained BSc in Geoenvironmental Science from Kongju National University in Korea, MSc in Hydrogeology from the same University (2017). During the MSc period, I undertook research involving Modflow and TOUGH2, which are to simulate the flow of groundwater through aquifers. My MSc research project was related to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project for determining where are more carbon could be stored. 

I am now studying for my PhD at Cranfield University. 

Current activities

My research is focussed on assessing the binding of metals to organic matter, and to investigate whether leachate can be used to extract these metals. I also work with modelling computer program, which is COMSOL to compare the lab experiment results and simulation result, to predict the behaviour of contaminants, and understand of landfill stabilisation by leachate recirculation.


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