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Heather completed a BSc. in Biology at Edge Hill University, UK, with her thesis focusing on the hybridisation of Tilia spp. in British ancient woodlands. To expand on her interest in plant genetics she then undertook a MSc. in Plant Science at the University of Bonn, Germany. As well as taught and practical modules ranging from global plant diversity to cell processes, she also completed a 6 month research project assessing the biogeographical patterns of the Andean mountain region via statistical analysis of large ecological datasets.

Returning to the UK, the opportunity arose to apply her interest in plant genetics to the field of crop science and Heather is now persuing her PhD at Cranfield with the project 'Reducing Seed Loss and Waste in Umbellifereous Crops'.

Current activities

As a member of Cranfield University's Plant Science Laboratory; Heather is currently embarking on a 4 year PhD project entitled 'Reducing Seed Loss and Waste in Umbelliferous Crops' as part of the FoodBioSystems DTP program and in partnership with Elsoms Seeds Ltd. The project focuses on understanding the genetic background of flower and seed development in Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) with a view to developing a Marker-Assisted-Selection process to improve seed production efficiency in current or new varieties.


BBSRC's FoodBioSystems Doctoral Training Partnership

Elsoms Seeds Ltd.