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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Industrial Automation


Haoxuan received his Bachelor's degree in energy and dynamics engineering from Guangdong Ocean University (China) in 2020.

Then, he received his MSc in robotics from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2021. During his MSc period, he concentrated on developing algorithms for interaction between humans and multiple agents for collaboration on task performance. Instead of focusing on model development, he also considered how to reduce people's mental and physical workload with assistance provided by machine intelligence in actual situations.

Out of curiosity to explore the possibility of a novel working pattern of the human-machine system in modern industry, he embarked on a Ph.D. to research human-machine interaction in Cranfield in 2022.

Current activities

Haoxuan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in developing intelligent human-machine collaboration for manufacturing.

In particular, he is interested in how to create a common ground to allow communication between humans and machines to consent tasks understanding in the human-machine system. On top of this, he is now figuring out the possibility and potential methods to make the machine learn from human knowledge and common sense via this common framework to improve the cognitive ability of machines for a better decision making and more suggestive schemes generation in manufacturing scenarios.


Conference Papers