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Received a postgraduate degree in Aerospace Manufacturing from Cranfield University after completing projects with Rolls Royce and Airbus UK. Among the top Universities, Cranfield provides specialised knowledge in the field of Aerospace and great opportunities within industries.

Pursuing a BEng in Aeronautical Engineering has also been a great challenge. Establishing relations in City University London and studying for what I had always dreamt made me who I am today. Succeeding in achieving the status of an Aeronautical Engineer had its own level of trial. Aircraft Structures Analysis, Aerodynamics, System Reliability and Project Management were the key modules followed by other core subjects.

Current activities

Research Fellow in Aircraft Assembly and Systems Installation, constructively working towards achieving higher standards of manufacturing capability, technology and integrated solutions for the aerospace future. The key research area being 'Metrology Assisted Assembly' over a wing sized platform for UK based aerospace industry.

Building the research on current and future technologies to help define the future of aerospace manufacturing is among the current challenges. Constant development and the enthusiasm to perform better can be identified as a key enabler for progress in research fields.




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