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Halid is an award winning strategic designer with a rich background in data-driven visual communication and design thinking. Halid holds a degree in Multimedia Technology and Design, a master's in Digital Visual Effects and another master's in Design Strategy and Leadership. Having worked in different design capacities on several award winning projects for over 15 years across both the private and public sectors, Halid's strengths include multidisciplinary research and data-driven methodologies including machine learning to tackle complex problems.

Halid is also an active collaborator with the Milton Keynes Council Power Project initiative to tackle a plethora of environmental and sustainability issues. Halid has collaborated with many institutions to run design sprint events and hackathons, most recently with the European Centre for Participatory Media on the subject of water sustainability. A keen proponent of circular economy and design for sustainability, Halid was shortlisted for the RSA student’s award on circular design in 2018

Research opportunities

Primary supervisor: Professor Leon Williams

Secondary supervisor: Professor Stephen Hallett

Halid's research uses machine learning and big data analytics to characterise the significant differences in household water consumption patterns underpinning demand peaks. Peak demand management forms the core of water demand side management and the accurate detection and characterisation of consumption patterns can provide a reliable framework for improving demand forecasting and targeted feedback. 

Current activities

Currently, Halid is doing a PhD in Data-Driven Innovation and Design.  The aim of the research is to develop a new approach for classifying households into clusters according to the temporal water consumption patterns underpinning their peak demand.


Opportunity Peterborough; Peterborough City Council; Promise 2050; Anglian Water


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