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I have spent more than five years working in the microbiology section of Affinity Water undertaking any duties within the laboratory regarding water analysis. During this period I appreciated training and development which encouraged me to learn and improve increasing my professional knowledge and skills.

Before this work experience I graduated with a master’s degree in Food Science acquiring a good knowledge in food area, including microbiology techniques. Furthermore I had a long experience in scientific research. I cherished this work experience very much as it helped me develop my scientific knowledge and above all I learned to solve problems with continuous test solving exercises by undertaking experiments in which data analysis and evaluation were involved. The main skills I acquired include analytical accuracy and reliability.

In my academic working experience I have been involved in several team projects. These experiences have significantly increased my team playing skills and certainly my ability to adapt to any situation. I have often found myself in the role of group motivator encouraging my colleagues with humour and my contagious enthusiasm. I'm very good in communicate with a wide range of people because I am friendly and open minded person, with a positive can-do attitude.