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I have completed a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics with the Open University, a PGCE in secondary education with the University of Cumbria and a postgraduate diploma in next generation nuclear fission with the University of Leeds.

Research opportunities

Modelling gas turbine blades degradation in a high-fidelity digital twin.

Current activities

I am currently studying toward a PHD with the School of Water, Energy and Environment. My research project is sponsored by Siemens Energy and investigates the degradation processes in gas turbines blades caused by high temperature corrosion from different perspectives.

In the first part of my work I have used computational fluid dynamics to examine the deposition of alkali vapours on vanes. Three-dimensional models have been developed using ANSYS Fluent taking into consideration the effects of film cooling.

In the second part of my project I am investigating the reliability of materials using the extensive experimental database of the University of Cranfield. MATLAB has been used to develop time-dependent statistical models to enable the user to make prediction about the extent of corrosion and minimise the risks of failure.


Siemens Energy.