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Areas of expertise

  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Renewable Energy


Fayez obtained his BTech degree in Chemical Engineering from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai. He moved on to complete an MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering from Cranfield University. He has been involved in research including sustainability and reusability of materials in the area of polymers and carbon capture to meet the global emissions targets among which his work was on the use of calcium hydroxide that can be used as a potential carbon capture material.

Current activities

Fayez Qureshi is carrying out his Doctoral Research within the Energy and Power Department at Cranfield University. He is working to develop a novel area of photo electrochemical carbon capture where it can work at significantly higher efficiencies than the existing capture technologies. The system will work as an artificial tree wherein the capture and release of carbon dioxide will take place with the help of UV and Visible rays. The energy required for this process will be provided by renewables such as solar energy to have net-zero emissions and achieve the global climate targets.