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Fabian completed his BSc in Biology at the National University of Colombia (UNAL). His thesis focused on analysing and comparing physiological, biochemical, and anatomical traits both in vitro and in acclimatized cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana)

plants. Afterwards, he undertook an MSc. in Agricultural Science with a specialization in Genetics and Plant Breeding at UNAL, funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MINCIENCIAS-Ministry of Colombia). His MSc. research project was focused on the genetic transformation of tobacco plants. More specifically, he developed genetic transformation for Nicotiana tabacum, and managed to introduce an edited bacterial gene that encodes an enzyme capable of producing biopolymers.

Fabian hopes to continue deepening his understanding of plant physiology, metabolism, and molecular processes, in order to develop strategies for crop improvement.

Current activities

Fabian is a PhD student in the Plant Science Laboratory at Cranfield University. His PhD project focuses on understanding and modelling the effect of pre-harvest environmental factors on the postharvest physiology of potatoes. His work will inform molecular breeding strategies for the development of new potato cultivars with enhanced dormancy that will be able to be stored for longer periods of time without sprouting, thus reducing food losses and waste. This project is part of the FoodBioSystems DTP program and in partnership with the University of Aberystwyth, PepsiCo and Solynta.


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