Contact Encina Gutierrez Carazo

Areas of expertise

  • Explosives and Munitions
  • Water Science and Engineering


I'm a chemist graduated from the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid in Spain, where I specialized in Environmental and Agricultural Chemistry. After my degree I continued my career studying a Masters in Environmental Chemistry and Development Food Technologies.

I have worked as a research assistant in the CBPB (Center for Biotechnology and Plant Genomic) of Madrid. There I looked into the genetic control traits in grape and tolerance to abiotic stress using the grapevine natural variation. 

I'm now studying a PhD here at Cranfield University to further my academic development related to I have already researched but with a new type of contaminants: explosives.

Current activities

I am currently looking into the development of standardized experimental and computational methods for predicting the fate and transport of high insensitive explosives in soils. I work with different modelling computer programs and laboratory experiments to determine which is the method capable to represent real  scenarios and therefore could be use to better understand the behavior of this contaminants in the environment.  


My work in sponsored by EPSRC Case Award / BAE Systems and Cranfield University


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