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Emily completed her BSc in Applied Forensic Sciences with a concentration in Criminalistics and Forensic Biology from Mercyhurst University. While at Mercyhurst, she also completed a minor in Physics, as well as a minor in Music. She moved on to complete her MSc in Forensic Engineering and Science at Cranfield University, with a four-month research period and thesis on the production and testing of a 3D printed analogue for spinal motion segments, based on a porcine sample. Emily has recently completed a PhD titled Integration of Bone Micro-architecture and Mineral Physicochemistry: Development of Local Structure Models for Carbonate Substituted and Stoichiometric Hydroxyapatite and their Clinical and Forensic Implications. 

Current activities

Emily is currently a research fellow within Cranfield Defence and Security, focusing on X-ray diffraction imaging using a novel collection geometry, with potential applications in both security and clinical settings.


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