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Elénore Ryser is a forensic science professional with experience in digital forensic science research. She holds a BSc in Forensic Science and an MSc in Forensic Science (Chemical Criminalistic). Her research focuses on the evaluation of digital forensic results, decision-making processes, and the practical application of digital forensic science. Her expertise includes the evaluation and communication of uncertainty in digital forensic science. She is pursuing a PhD in this area. Her research interests are :

Evaluation of digital traces and evidences

Effective communication of digital forensic science results

Digital forensic investigation procedures and operations.

Uncertainty in forensic science

Research opportunities

Elénore is interested in research and collaboration in diverse areas concerning forensic science with a focus on :

Evaluation of digital evidences

Communication of digital forensic science

Operationalization of digital forensic science

She is particularly interested in multidisciplinary approaches.


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