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Areas of expertise

  • Composites
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Smart Materials
  • Sustainable Manufacturing


Dr. Yagmur Atescan Yuksek is a Research Fellow at Cranfield University Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre. Prior to joining Cranfield University, she was a Research Assistant in Advanced Composites and Engineered Materials Group at the Pennsylvania State University.

Dr Atescan earned a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on Magnetically Responsive Smart Materials from the Pennsylvania State University in USA, and a MSC degree in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on Application of Nanomaterials on Composite Aerospace Structures from the Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. She also received her BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Istanbul Technical University.

Current activities

Dr. Atescan's current research focus is on the sustainability of manufacturing systems and processes with a specific focus on the environmental and social life cycle assessment of metallic and composite structures. She is currently a Research Fellow on the Metallic Aerospace Structures Technologies for Eco-Social Returns (MASTER ATI) Project. She also supervises MSc students group projects and individual research projects in areas related to life cycle assessment.


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